slack to pagerduty integration

Hi Team,

I am trying to integrate pagerduty with slack. I have followed the documentation about the integration. I am able to receive notifications to my slack channel but when i try to acknowledge from slack , i am unable to do so. Any idea on how to trouble shoot this?

FYI, my manager who created the integration was the only person able to acknowledge from slack and the other team members could not.


Hi Eswar,

Normally, nothing will be returned when calling โ€œ@PagerDutyโ€ if you have already linked your PagerDuty account to your user.

Can you try inputting /pd unlink and then add input a message to โ€œ@PagerDutyโ€?

If there is no message returned again, when a new incident is triggered in a Slack channel, please select the Acknowledge button in Slack. From here, you should see a message immediately indicating:

โ€œTo work with PagerDuty incidents from Slack, please link your accountsโ€. There should be a URL.

If neither of these options work for you, please provide your Slack subdomain you are trying to link to your user account as well as your Slack username in a private Support ticket for further review.

Hi Eswar,

I initially had same problem, I had to unlink my account in Pagerduty and re-do.
I raised same issue, which I resolved [here]

In case the link does not work above, I listed it here below, as I raised the same in community.


We are currently using both slack integrations in Pagerduty, the slack V1 (old) and the latest slack V2.

Hi Dawud,

I did check the user settings and could not see any slack account on my pagerduty. My problem is though I am seeing alerts being pushed from pagerduty to slack but could not take any
action from pagerduty. I believe there is some problem with slack connection to pagerduty.


Hi Eswar

Login to PagerDuty, view your profile, see linked accounts?? Anything listed?

Screenshot attachment


you want to unlink / remove anything there and add it back